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Endorsed artist
Matt Brooks of Willie and the Bandits
“In my opinion Matt is one of the most innovative , original & energetic bass players   I have seen in many years, doing over 250 gigs a year all over Europe he is a great ambassador for my basses and FarWest  is proud to be associated with him and the Bandits”  Chris Balmforth, FarWest
Willie and the Bandits
“What an awesome bass. I’m a big fan of extended range basses  anyway but this is just a dream to play… The only EUB I’ve ever played that has an arco sound that is just as good as an amplified acoustic upright!! It has to be heard to be believed!”
Matt Brooks, Bass player Wille &  the Bandits
A few comments from past customers

It plays beautifully  and I have been unable to put it down.

Richard Hall April 2017

Ben here, just emailing you to say this bass sounds incredible and I’m super stoked to get practicing! Really appreciate all the hard work you have put in for me over the past few months.

Ben Kerrigan Feb 2018

Thanks Chris. I used it for a little lunchtime gig yesterday.  I asked other pro players what they thought and they all said in a blindfold test they couldn’t tell it was a EUB they would have been convinced it was a double bass. This is the first time I’ve had this reaction,  a double bass sound of its own. Good work! And I took it on the bus!  Will be recording with it this Friday as will be bringing drums and keyboards to the studio. Taking it instead of double bass whereas before the bass took all the room in my car. Much appreciated. Cheers for now.

Steve “Tris” Harris Jan 2018

Couple of videos of FarWest basses

 Wille & the Bandits Video of the John Martyn classic “Bless the Weather featuring the FarWest 5 string “Blond”upright http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYbvLvl087s&feature=youtu.be
Russ Sargent reviews his 4 string RedHead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeed7FtsPIQ