Hand Made Electric Upright Basses

Since forming FarWest musical instruments  in 2011. Proprietor Chris Balmforth has steadily gained an international reputation for producing fine quality and contemporary musical instruments that perform and play as good as they look.

Designed by a bass player with a no compromise approach to all aspects the aim is to produce an instrument of superior, performance, and tone .

It is with great care that these basses are crafted from quality components, and fine environmentally sustainable and seasoned timber. Working from his small workshop in the far west (hence the name) of Cornwall, England, he is responsible for all aspects of design and construction of these unique one off instruments.

The fact they are genuinely handmade in small numbers makes every instrument subtly different, full of its own character and style.

Owning a FarWest bass delivers a comfortable and easy playing experience that will enhance any performance, and being hand made it’s a truly unique experience, knowing that no one else in the world has a bass quite like yours.